Why the Air Conditioning at the WTC is a Lie

Why the Air Conditioning at the WTC is a Lie

An air conditioning unit used by the World Trade Center towers was installed in a basement that had not been cleaned or monitored, according to documents obtained by The Jerusalem Inquirer.

The unit was installed by an Israeli contractor who had been employed by the Israeli embassy in Washington, D.C., for more than three years, the documents showed.

The documents, released by the Washington, DC-based nonprofit group Public Citizen, show the unit was intended to be installed in the basement of the building’s main lobby.

The building’s owner, the real estate firm Gensler, declined to comment on the documents, which were sent to The Jerusalem Times on Wednesday.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

An Israeli diplomat was in the building at the time of the attacks, according a Washington Post article published Thursday.

Genslers contract was not renewed for two years.

The unit has since been replaced with a different one, which is still in the lobby, according the documents.

The air conditioning system is not only useless, but also dangerous.

It emits poisonous fumes, making it difficult to breathe in, according Air Resources Management, a U.S. government agency that monitors the air quality in the U..

S., and the documents also said the building was not cleaned or inspected in the past.

A spokesperson for the Genslar contract office told the Inquireer that the contractor has “since taken corrective action” and has installed new air conditioners.

Gensler declined to answer questions on whether it had cleaned the basement, and the company did NOT return calls.

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