Trump: The next ‘fake news’ story should be ‘the biggest story in the world’

Trump: The next ‘fake news’ story should be ‘the biggest story in the world’

Trump has repeatedly slammed the “fake news” media in recent months, including a series of tweets in August calling it “the enemy of the people.”

He also said that fake news was to blame for his election loss and vowed to fight back against fake news on social media.

“The fake news is the enemy of our people,” Trump said.

“It’s the enemy because it’s so dishonest and the whole concept of a news cycle, that’s a fake news cycle.

It’s the whole idea of fake news.

It makes it difficult for people to understand what’s going on.”

The President has also used his Twitter account to denounce the media, claiming that his opponents have “created a fake media and a fake press,” as well as the media’s “fake” coverage of his administration.

“Fake News is the real enemy of America,” he tweeted on Sept. 11, 2016.

“The real enemy is the Fake News Media.”

He also called the media “the real enemy” of the American people in September, claiming they are “the biggest enemy of this country.”

“Fake news is one of the biggest enemies of our country,” Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in a January 2017 interview.

“And I want to fight it, and I want you to fight this.

And I want all of you to do it.”

On Tuesday, Trump again attacked the media as the enemy, tweeting that “the fake news” has been “the most powerful weapon of the enemy for a long time.”

“The Fake News media, the enemy!”

Trump wrote.

“They are destroying our country.

They are the enemy.

And they have created a fake Media, a fake Press and a Fake Mainstream Media, and they are killing our country.”

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