‘Theresa May, Steve’s Air Conditioning’: What you need to know about the man behind one of America’s greatest public service announcements

‘Theresa May, Steve’s Air Conditioning’: What you need to know about the man behind one of America’s greatest public service announcements

Steve’s air conditioners were so popular that his brand became synonymous with air conditioning.

Theresa’s air conditioned life was the story of his life.

His story is the story that he told himself, and the story he told to himself.

“I never had to think about that, but I thought I was doing good,” Steve said.

It was on July 23, 2019, that Steve’s father, John, a retired US Navy Seal, died in a plane crash while returning home from Afghanistan.

Steve was 13.

The death of his father changed Steve’s life.

He was devastated, and his mother, Theresa, was devastated too.

In an emotional phone call, the two talked about their father’s death.

The call ended abruptly.

Theresa called back a few hours later, saying her husband had died.

Steve didn’t answer the phone.

“He wasn’t on the line.

He never came on the phone,” Theresa said.

“I think he was asleep.”

That night, Steve was alone in his bedroom.

He didn’t have his TV on.

He had to sit on the couch to sleep.

He told himself he was doing okay.

His parents weren’t going to be able to support him.

He needed to get on with his life, he thought.

But then his parents’ phones rang.

They called Teresa and Steve.

They told Steve to get the air conditioner.

He asked what was wrong, but Teresa wasn’t available.

“You’ve got to get him the air conditioning,” Teresa said.

The next day, the family went to Teresa’s home.

The room was still warm and they were told that Steve was having trouble breathing.

Steve had a headache.

Teresa asked if there was any medication.

Steve said yes, and Teresa started taking him some medication.

He said he needed some oxygen.

Teresa called Steve’s dad, the pilot who had flown the plane down.

She told him to get Steve the air conditioned air condition.

Steve told Teresa what happened.

Teresa drove to Steve’s house and found him asleep on the floor.

He fell asleep and woke up when she called his parents.

Teresa said he was breathing normally.

But when she tried to wake him up, he said he could hear voices in his head telling him to be quiet.

He tried to tell her what was happening, but she wouldn’t listen.

“She was just sitting there with tears in her eyes,” Theresa told Newsweek.

Teresa went to Steve and asked him if he was okay.

He started crying.

“It was just too much for me to handle,” Theresa says.

When Teresa got home from work, she found Steve and his parents on the bed.

Teresa took them to the hospital.

Teresa told the paramedics that she had found his parents dead.

Steve and Theresa both said they didn’t want to talk about it.

Teresa wanted to do everything she could to help Steve, and she asked him to take her to the ER.

She didn’t know what was going on with Steve.

Teresa did not want to lose Steve.

He wasn’t a stranger to her, she said.

She wanted to help him, but at the same time she was also worried about what she would tell him if she told him what had happened.

In the ER, Teresa and her team put Steve on oxygen and gave him a CT scan.

He showed up in the ER the next day.

“They found a hole in his brain,” Teresa says.

“His skull was crushed.”

Theresa was so shocked by what she had seen that she wanted to see Steve again.

She said she told Steve she would take him to the morgue.

She took him to a doctor who said she had to wait until the next doctor’s appointment to see him.

Teresa was concerned about Steve’s condition.

She had a CT in her hands that showed an irregularity in his blood flow.

“That was a big red flag,” Teresa remembers.

Teresa also found an ultrasound scan of his brain.

“There was no sign of a stroke, so that was a concern,” she says.

But Teresa’s concern for Steve was misplaced.

He died within three hours.

Steve’s heart stopped.

Teresa put him in the morrow and waited.

The next day she called Teresa.

Teresa’s phone rang.

She answered and asked if Steve had passed away.

Teresa remembered the name of Steve’s brother, Steve.

She remembered that Steve had worked at the local Walmart.

Teresa talked Steve into coming to the office.

“This is Steve,” Teresa remembered telling him.

“Steve has passed away.”

She said she knew what was really going on, but it was still too early to tell him anything.

Steve went to the funeral home.

“My heart just fell apart,” Teresa told Newsweek at the time.

“Theres nothing I can do.

He just went and did what he wanted to.” Teresa’s

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