The future of tech could involve ‘toy-sized’ solar panels: Tech site

The future of tech could involve ‘toy-sized’ solar panels: Tech site

Tech giant Tesla is working on a prototype solar panels that can be used to power devices in the home.

The company unveiled the Solar Roof System at the company’s Powerpack conference on Monday, saying that it’s “just one step” from turning a solar roof into a self-contained solar panel.

“We’ve been looking at the solar roof as a solar system for some time now, but there’s a whole new frontier of what can we do with this technology,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said.

Solar Roof System (SRS) design and production Elon Musk speaks at the Powerpack 2016 conference.

Tesla’s Solar Roof system is a prototype system for installing a solar panel on a roof of an air-conditioned home.

It’s designed to take advantage of the fact that the solar panels are located directly under the roof and that the air inside the house is at an optimal temperature.

The Solar Roof is a large, transparent plastic solar panel, and it can be mounted vertically on the roof.

Unlike most air-con systems, which are installed directly under a roof, the SRS system is installed vertically on a horizontal platform.

That allows the panels to be moved around on the floor without damaging the roof, which can be tilted up or down depending on the weather.

To help people stay cool while indoors, Tesla installed two solar panels in each of the living room and dining rooms.

The panels are mounted on a wall and the ceiling.

During the conference, Musk said Tesla has been testing the system for months, but had been waiting for the technology to be ready for commercialization.

He added that the company is working to create a “very, very large solar panel,” which he said could be capable of powering devices from laptops to appliances.

Musk said that the panels will also be able to power a small room like a living room, as long as they’re connected to the internet.

One of the panel’s advantages is that the SRC can be easily cleaned.

Musk told Recode that “we’ve been able to remove and recycle” all of the parts of the panels that need to be cleaned, and that this is a big step forward for the solar industry.

It’s unclear how much of a cost savings the panels could offer, but Musk said it would be “probably pretty substantial.”

The company is currently building prototypes of the system that can power up to eight devices in each room.

At the conference Musk said the panels were built for the company, not for commercial customers.

But Musk said at the conference that Tesla would be able eventually to sell the panels at “the lowest possible price.”

Musk also said that Tesla will be able build a larger, cheaper system that will work with homes with much larger living spaces.

After Tesla announced its first solar panels, SolarCity CEO Lyndon Rive said that solar was “the next frontier” and said that it would “become the next big thing” in the solar market.

Rive also said he expected Tesla to be able produce the panels for home owners “within five years.”

The panel industry has been working to move away from fossil fuels, but many of its products are still made with petroleum and coal, so Musk said he would like to see Tesla move away as well.

I think the way to do that is to have Tesla be the dominant player, he said.

I think the people that are really driving that, those who are driving the industry right now, they are the people in Silicon Valley and they are driving that.

Musking also said Tesla was interested in building solar projects for the automotive industry, but it “didn’t make sense” to build solar panels on a vehicle that is powered by gasoline.

A Tesla electric car with a solar array.

Earlier in the conference he said that SolarCity was planning to launch an electric car by 2020.

Tesla’s goal is to sell an electric vehicle by 2021, and Musk said “there’s a chance” the company could be able “to get in the $5 billion market.”

As part of its announcement, Tesla also revealed plans for a solar-powered home energy system, which will be built at the same time as the SRL.

Musk was also optimistic that solar power could someday power a home, saying he believes that it could “create a lot of good things.”

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