Air Conditioning Mechanic, Air Conditioning Engineer and Construction Contractor: What they do and why they’re worth $1.6M (Bloomberg)

Air Conditioning Mechanic, Air Conditioning Engineer and Construction Contractor: What they do and why they’re worth $1.6M (Bloomberg)

source Bloomberg article title Managers at a Toronto-area construction company were paid $1,600 per hour last year and have received bonuses worth an average of $2,000 per year, according to a CBC News analysis of company documents.

The documents, obtained under Access to Information laws, also show the company has paid some workers more than $10,000 in bonuses.

The company, which is run by a family of Italian immigrants, has earned the highest overall performance award of any in Canada, with a total of $1 million in awards.

The records are also the latest evidence of the growing pay gap between the countrys top earners and the rest of the economy.

The Ontario government has made significant strides to close the gap, which grew at a slower pace than in most other provinces, in 2015.

But a CBC/Radio-Canada/Postmedia analysis shows that the gap between those earning the most and those earning less has widened even further.

In 2016, for example, workers earning the highest salaries in the province earned $12,000 more than the lowest paid workers.

That’s an increase of $400,000 from the previous year.

In 2015, the gap was $3,400 higher.

In addition, workers at the construction company in the GTA earned more than those in Ontario, with Ontario earning more than all other provinces combined, according the CBC/Postmacs analysis.

“It’s a problem, especially in the construction industry, and it’s very hard to close,” said Bruce Jansen, vice-president of the Ontario Construction Association, which represents more than 200 construction companies in Ontario.

“There are no easy answers, but there are solutions.”

The data show that more than two-thirds of the workers earning more at the Toronto-based construction company work in the service industry.

A third work in management roles, the other third in construction or engineering.

“We’re just in the midst of a very significant shift in the way that we do business, in terms of the type of jobs that are being outsourced, the types of jobs being replaced,” said Robert Cripps, the head of labour research at the Canadian Automobile Workers union.

He said that’s “really putting pressure on” companies to find ways to cut costs and raise wages.

The CBC/POSTmedia analysis was based on documents obtained under the Access to Privacy Act.

The CBC and Postmedia could not independently verify the accuracy of the documents.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

In Ontario, the top-earning workers in 2016 earned an average hourly wage of $18.25, while the lowest earned an hourly wage that was $15.24.

The number of people earning more in 2016 than the second-highest paid worker increased from 7.7 percent to 9.6 percent, according an analysis of the figures by the Ontario government.

That translates to more than 1.1 million people in the labour force earning more, according Statistics Canada.

In contrast, the number of workers earning less rose from 1.4 million to 2.3 million, while that of people with the lowest earnings fell from 1 million to 1.5 million.

The data also showed that there were nearly twice as many people with less than a high school diploma as those with a bachelor’s degree, and two and a half times as many in the higher education and health care sectors.

The gap is widest in the social services and child care sectors, which employ about one in four Ontarians.

Ontario’s labour market is among the most unequal in Canada.

While the average income of Ontarians with a high-school diploma or less in 2016 was $51,945, the average wage for the highest-earners was $78,700.

For the lowest-paid workers, the figure was $36,958.

“People in the lowest income brackets are still working longer hours,” said Jansen.

“They’re still making less.

They’re still doing less.”

Ontario has long struggled to keep pace with Canada’s rising cost of living and high unemployment rate.

Its unemployment rate has more than doubled since 2007.

“The province is not going to solve the issue of poverty, but it is going to help create more economic opportunities for people who are struggling to get ahead,” said Peter Kent, an economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Kent said it’s critical to keep workers in their jobs and to boost pay, but he said the government must also address the issue by making sure companies are paying people at a decent wage.

The government should also consider the long-term economic impact of the wage gap, Kent said.

“You can’t fix the problem in one year.

You have to address the long term issue of inequality, the fact that there is a gap that is still being made up, and that’s not a

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