Air Conditioning Industry Has Huge Opportunity in Florida

Air Conditioning Industry Has Huge Opportunity in Florida

A lot of the air conditioning companies that operate in Florida are struggling with stagnant demand.

That’s according to a report published by the National Geographic Society in 2017.

In fact, in the last three years, demand has dropped for more than half of the businesses in the Florida market, according to the report.

In 2018, demand is forecast to drop to just under 30% of the market, the report said.

That means fewer people are buying air conditioning.

And it means more air conditioning jobs are being lost.

“The air conditioning industry is suffering from an energy and infrastructure crisis, and the state of Florida needs to act quickly to help the industry regain its footing,” said John Johnson, director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Florida.

“This report shows that the Florida Air Conditioners Association, which represents air conditioning and refrigeration professionals, is working hard to address the energy and financial challenges that face the industry.

It is important that the industry gets the help it needs and it’s encouraging to see the governor take steps to assist the industry.”

A lot can change in a year The report is just the latest reminder of the ongoing energy and climate crisis facing the air conditioner industry.

In February, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity announced a $250 million stimulus plan for the state.

But there’s another reason the state is struggling.

In 2017, the US Air Force announced that it was withdrawing its Air Force Support for Life Support (ASL) program.

That program was aimed at helping companies get rid of their aging air conditioners and move to electric heating.

But, in 2018, the Air Force decided that the benefits of ASL wouldn’t be worth the financial cost to taxpayers.

In June, Florida Gov.

Rick Scott announced that he was ending the program.

The move was controversial among industry observers and many businesses.

“It’s a step back,” said Dan Moulton, a professor of energy and environment at the Florida International University.

“In this economy, you can’t have a lot of people who are going to spend money on this stuff.

If you have a business, it has to be efficient.

And if you have to run a lot on the fuel, you don’t want to be in a position where the government is going to say, ‘You can’t run on this fuel.'”

That’s where the new plan comes in.

“When it comes to energy and the economy, there’s always some trade-offs,” Moulson said.

“But, for the air conditioned industry, they’re trying to figure out what are the best options for them, for themselves, for their employees.”

He said it’s unlikely that the governor will reverse his decision.

“That’s not going to happen,” he said.

But Moultons plans to continue pushing for changes to the air conditions industry in the state and hopes that Governor Scott will eventually make good on his decision to end the ASL program.

“He’s a big believer in doing this, he believes it will help the economy and he believes he’s doing the right thing,” Moultons said.

It’s not a perfect solution, though.

“As we know with all things energy, there is a price to pay,” Moulsons said, noting that businesses in certain regions of the state may not be able to keep up with demand.

But he said that if the governor wants to make changes, he should do it now.

“You can keep doing what you’re doing, but if the demand starts to drop, then the government will have to step in and do something,” Moulds said.

In the meantime, Moults says he hopes the governor and his administration work together to create a more efficient air conditioning industry.

“If the industry is going down and the jobs are going down, then you have got to step up to the plate,” he added.

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