Air Conditioning: Here’s how you can stop the air conditioning scam

Air Conditioning: Here’s how you can stop the air conditioning scam

I was surprised to see this air conditioner was selling for less than the most expensive home air conditioners.

The seller said he was a new customer and didn’t have any previous experience.

He said he wanted to make sure I understood his terms.

He told me the air conditioning vents were covered in plastic.

He promised to replace the unit and send me the paperwork.

When I returned the following day, the unit was gone.

I called to confirm.

It was the new seller.

When the seller tried to charge me the full amount, I called back.

He had an assistant come over and collect the money, and then leave without paying me.

After I called him back, he didn’t return my calls.

He was gone the next day.

It’s hard to imagine how someone could possibly do this.

 I called the Air Conditioner Exchange and they told me they had received complaints about the same unit, and would investigate.

I asked why he’d charged me so much money for the airconditioner that was completely useless.

They told me it was because the unit had been used to air condition an air-conditioned condo.

But there was no condo on the lot, so the condo’s owner, who was not a home-owner, couldn’t afford the unit.

It seemed as though he was trying to get out of paying the rent, which the seller was supposed to be covering.

I also asked why the unit’s price was so much more than it was for other similar units.

I didn’t get a reply.

I’m not sure what I’ll do now, but I think I’ll continue to pay for air conditioning.

I contacted the Air Supply company that sold the unit, asking if I could pick up a new one.

I found out from the person at the store that the air- conditioning unit was not new.

I don’t think they’d replace it or even replace the units they sold.

There are a lot of ways to prevent these kinds of scams.

For starters, you should call the air supply company and ask for a replacement unit before buying one.

If they don’t have a unit for sale, call the seller and ask him to pay you the full price, plus the replacement.

If you’re not sure whether the unit is new, look for a unit that’s more than a year old.

Also, check your local city code, especially if it requires you to take photos or videos of the unit before you can get it to a place that will let you take photos.

It’s worth noting that there are other ways to make air condition or home air- conditioner claims.

You can write to the company or a representative, or call the company directly.

Finally, if you think you’ve been scammed, talk to your local consumer protection office, who may have a lawyer who can help you.

Update March 23, 2020: The Air Supply unit has been replaced.

The air conditionor seller told me that he didn’ t get a replacement and was sending me the necessary paperwork.

I’m now contacting Air Supply to see if I can get a refund for the additional $200 that he was charging me for the unit that I didn’t want to pay.

Posted by: Joe Krieger | Mar 23, 2018 8:36:22I had a similar experience.

My son had purchased a new home air conditioning unit, but the unit I was getting wasn’t being used.

The air conditionant was failing, causing me to have to get up in the middle of the night to put out the fire in the garage.

We were told that the unit should have been replaced years ago, but it had been sold as a new unit for a fraction of what I was being charged.

I contacted the air company and they were helpful.

They provided me with a new air condition unit, along with a note from the seller that said the air box is covered with plastic, and that the plastic had been peeled off the unit by the seller.

I was told to bring the unit to the store, and they would replace it.

A few weeks later, I got a call from the air supplier.

He came over and said he had a replacement for me, and he was sending the paperwork along with it.

After we arrived at the place, he took my car to the service center and the air unit was removed.

I went back to the garage to see what was wrong with the unit but I didn”t see the unit for years.

As far as I know, the air compressor was broken and the compressor had to be replaced.

If this has happened to you, contact your local government or consumer protection agency.

This story has been updated to reflect that the Air Control unit is not new and that I did not receive a replacement air condition.

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