‘Air conditioned’ Vest to go on sale for the first time in 2019

‘Air conditioned’ Vest to go on sale for the first time in 2019

A “Air conditioned” vest is one of the latest advances in the field of “sustainable fashion” and can be worn to stay cool in hot climates.

The Vest is a design by Australian company AirCondition, which makes its products in Australia.

It’s the latest innovation in sustainable fashion and is aimed at reducing the amount of energy used by outdoor enthusiasts.

The company’s product, called the “air conditioned vest”, was developed for the New Year’s Eve celebrations in the resort of Palm Springs, California.

“Air conditioning is the hottest season for air conditioning, but it can be hard to keep cool on the outdoor,” said the company’s website.

“So we designed the Air Condition Vest to help with this.”

A vest with a built-in fan for cool, cooling airThe vest features an air-conditioning unit that is fitted to the wearer’s vest, which is connected to a computer-controlled fan.

The vest is able to heat up to 20C and cool down to 20F in about 15 minutes.

AirCondition’s vest is not the only one that uses air conditioning.

Earlier this year, a “Air Condition” jacket was released in the UK.

This jacket uses a similar system but uses air-cooled clothing instead of air.

In 2018, Adidas released a “Cool Air” product that uses a heated water bottle as an air source.

The bottle, which can be inflated up to 40 times, cools the wearer down to -40C in 20 minutes.

It’s not the first innovation in the sustainable fashion space.

Last year, Japanese brand Dentsu released an Air Condition jacket called the Cool Air.

The jacket uses water as an energy source, although it does not use air conditioning at all.

“In 2018 we released the Cool Water jacket and now the Cool Vest,” said a Dentsuk spokesperson.

“Cool Water is the ultimate outdoor jacket, combining the comfort of a jacket with the benefits of an air conditioning unit.”

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